Marketing on Trial

Marketing on Trial, 11th June, Hatfield

Guilty or not-guilty?

Marketing fraudulently claims to be the main creator of value for the benefit of Business, Society and the Profession. Join us for the day in Hatfield where we put Marketing on Trial!

Played out in a real courtroom at the Law School in Hatfield, the accused Marketing will be in the dock, with Counsel examining and cross-examining expert witnesses. At the end of the day the Judge and you, the Jury, will decide the outcome.

We will also be inviting you to include your own questions for cross-examination in real time, during the trial, by posting on social media with the hashtag #marketingontrial

The Charge

Marketing has misrepresented its value to Business, Society and the Profession on two counts:

1) marketing has failed to demonstrate to business how it creates value
2) marketing has failed to provide practicing and aspiring practitioners the skills they need to create

The trial will take place at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield in a real court room (as featured in many TV courtroom dramas).


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The Proceedings

10:00 Audience registration
10:30 The Charges
10:35 Presentation of Cases for Prosecution and Defence.
12:30 Summing up
12:45 Buffet lunch
13:30 Verdict and Sentencing
14:00 Close

The trial will be presided over by a Judge (not a real Judge; it’s not a real trial) – the main players will be:

Judge: Clare Kemsley, UK&I Managing Director, Marketing, at Hays

Counsel: To be appointed.

Expert Witnesses:

Richard Kenyon
Director of Marketing, Communications and Community – Everton FC. CEO – Everton in the Community;

Anouschka Elliott, CFA, FCIM
Chartered Marketer. Global Head of Marketing & Brand, RBC Investor & Treasury Services

Gemma Butler
MCIM. Marketing Director, CIM.

Dr Geraint Evans, PhD, FCIM, MA (Marketing), CSM, MSP
Award winning Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Commercial Transformation Director VP MD


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Law School
University Of Hertfordshire
De Havilland Campus
AL10 9EU
United Kingdom


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